Fans & Parents

Take home message: As a fan, season ticket holder, alumni or parent, your actions relating to current or prospective U-M student-athletes have the potential to affect the opportunities of those athletes – as well as U-M’s entire athletic program. It is your responsibility to learn about the strict rules that limit your ability to interact with student-athletes, and follow those rules. Ask for clarification from the athletics Compliance Services Office if you aren’t 100% sure whether something is allowed, before you do it!

U-M Policy and helpful links

  • Anyone who is a representative of U-M’s athletics interests – including sponsors, supporters and simply loyal fans – may be considered to be a “booster” under the NCAA rules. There are strict rules that limit how boosters can interact with current or prospective student-athletes: to learn more, read about who is a booster, and about what extra benefits are prohibited to be given to student-athletes (or their friends or relatives).
  • For parents of student-athletes, this introductory compliance video (designed as a training video for the student-athletes themselves) gives a good overview of the rules that student-athletes need to comply with.

Things to remember

  • If a student-athlete refuses an offer from you for help, transportation, a meal or some other benefit, then you should respect that refusal: they are only trying to comply with the rules that govern their lives as student-athletes, and to prevent you from inadvertently violating those rules.
  • There are strict rules that limit the role you may take when interacting with student-athletes (whether they are current or prospective athletes) – and it is your responsibility as a loyal U-M fan and supporter to learn about those rules and follow them.
  • If you break the rules, even accidentally or in a minor way, then U-M will be held responsible – and there are very real consequences for both the individual athletes and the U-M athletics program.

People to talk to

The Compliance Services Office within the Athletics Department should be your first port of call for any questions related to athletics compliance.

If your query relates to the UM-Dearborn Wolves, contact the UM-Dearborn Athletics Office.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 3/1/17 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated