IT Infrastructure

Take home message: All members of the University community (including faculty, staff, students and guests) are responsible for using the IT resources provided to them in an effective, efficient, and ethical manner that complies with U-M’s IT policies, does not interfere with the reasonable use by other community members and does not breach the law.

U-M Policy and helpful links

Things to remember

  • It is critical that everyone understands and complies with all of U-M’s IT policies, and any recommendations or directives related to IT that are issued at their local level, because the integrity of U-M’s information, our compliance with information related laws (such as privacy and confidentiality and copyright laws), our connectivity with the world, and our ability to function smoothly are all predicated on compliance with internal IT protocols and a respect of IT security.
  • If a breach of IT security happens, you may not have time to review protocols before you need to take action – so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the reporting process, and be familiar with who your Security Unit Liaison is for IT Security. That way, you can act fast and with confidence if confronted with a real incident.
  • Familiarize yourself with what the IT User Advocate does: you can use their office to report breaches of IT policy, you can learn more about your rights and responsibilities as an IT user at U-M, and you can find resources and checklists about IT risk areas like spam.
  • ITS have customized their website for different U-M audiences: including faculty & researchers (with general computing information that is equally relevant to staff), students, and U-M Departments, as well as orientation pages for new staff and new faculty. You can find a lot of relevant information by perusing the page that best applies to you.
  • You can learn about the different components of U-M’s IT infrastructure on the ITS general computing website – including computers & software, printing, communications, network connection, data storage, back-up and more.

People to talk to

For help with IT issues, or questions about IT infrastructure, contact the IT Help Desk or contact one of the IT Consultants.

For legal assistance or advice relating to IT infrastructure, contact Jack Bernard in the Office of the General Counsel.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 3/1/17- Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated