Equity & Diversity

Take home message: All members of the U-M community must do their part to foster an environment on campus that is inclusive, respectful and free from discrimination and harassment; and to ensure the University complies with legal requirements in the areas of equal opportunity, affirmative action, harassment, discrimination prevention, and civil rights.

U-M Policy and helpful links

Things to remember

  • Equity and diversity are everyone’s job: U-M can only fulfill its commitment to a respectful and inclusive learning and work environment through the actions of individual members of the University community. We are each, as a member of this community, responsible for treating every fellow member of the community with dignity and respect.
  • When searching for and hiring new employees: The Office of Institutional Equity provides diversity and discrimination related guidance for use in your employment searches, covering topics like what kinds of interview questions are appropriate and inappropriate. See in particular the Business & Finance Search Manual, which can be used as a guide for all staff hiring processes, and see also the HR Diversity Recruitment Resources site. For faculty recruitment, see also the ADVANCE toolkit for Deans, Chairs and other administrative leaders.
  • If you (or an employee under your management) need special accommodations due to a disability, see the resources on Disability Discrimination housed on the Campus Commitment website, which includes information about when and how the university can provide reasonable accommodations. As a manager, you should enlist the support of the Office of Institutional Equity or Office of the General Counsel to help structure such accommodations in a compliant manner.
  • Don’t tolerate disrespectful, abusive, discriminatory or harassing behavior at U-M: if you see someone else behaving that way, or are treated that way yourself, talk to your supervisor.
  • You can find a wealth of U-M demographics and human resources data through the Human Capital Report.

People to talk to

For advice or support about any equity and diversity issues, contact the Office of Institutional Equity (by calling (734) 763-0235 or emailing them) or Staff Human Resources or Academic Human Resources. These Offices are available to support all U-M campuses. For UM-Dearborn, you can also contact the UM-Dearborn Institutional Equity (HR) office; and for UM-Flint, you can also contact the UM-Flint Human Resources office.

For support in search/hire processes, start by talking to your unit’s Employment Process Coordinator (EPC).

For help understanding, managing and resolving workplace problems, contact Mediation Services for Faculty and Staff (by calling (734) 615-4789, emailing them) or the University Faculty Ombudsman (by calling (734)-763-2549 or emailing them) – or if you are a student, you can contact the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) (for Ann Arbor, or the U-M Dearborn Ombuds Services or U-M Flint Office of the Ombuds).

If you are having personal or work related issues or difficulties, and simply want to talk over your problem with someone, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) provides confidential counselling and coaching services (including support for supervisors wanting help dealing with an employee who is having difficulties), that all active or retired faculty and staff members (as well as their immediate family) can take advantage of. You can contact FASAP by calling (734) 936-8660, by email, or in person. For UM-Dearborn and UM-Flint contact numbers and email, see the FASAP locations page. For the U-M Health System, see the Employee Assistance Program.

For legal assistance or advice relating to equity and diversity issues, contact Maya Kobersy (for affirmative action and diversity issues) or Dave Masson (for all other issues) in the Office of the General Counsel.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 3/1/17 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated