Animal Subjects

Take home message:  Animal use at U-M requires approval from the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC). The IACUC ensures that the highest animal welfare standards are maintained along with the conduct of accurate, valid scientific research through the supervision, coordination, training, guidance, and review of every project proposed to include the use of vertebrate animals at the University of Michigan.

Training is required for all personnel who work with animals in research, testing, and/or teaching. Training is assigned based on the specific tasks listed in an animal use protocol, and must be completed prior to beginning work with animals.

U-M Policy and helpful links

Things to remember

  • Principal Investigators and Course Directors MUST obtain approval from the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) before initiating any research, testing, or instructional projects involving the use of vertebrate animals. Animal ordering and transport should be coordinated through the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM); ULAM Faculty Veterinarians are also available to consult on a variety of topics, including IACUC protocol preparation and the policies of granting and regulatory agencies as they pertain to animal care and use.
  • Failure to obtain proper approval and/or exemption from the IACUC is a violation of federal law. Lack of appropriate approvals may also compromise your ability to publish research findings, affect grant funding, and lead to professional disciplinary action, including being barred from conducting further research involving animals.
  • IACUC approval may not be the ONLY approval required for animal research – if your project involves humans, drugs, radiation, tissue, biomedical devices or a range of other technologies or agents, you may need to get additional approval. See the Research Compliance Overview for a checklist of issues requiring special consideration or approval.

People to talk to

For assistance or advice regarding laboratory animal care and use, please contact the Animal Care & Use Office at (734) 763-8028 or

If you want to report an allegation of misuse, maltreatment, or non-compliance concerning animals, you can call the Animal Concern Hotline at (734) 763-8028 or submit a report online at Anonymous reports are acceptable, and all are investigated.

For legal assistance or advice relating to animal subjects, contact Kara Morgenstern in the Office of the General Counsel.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 7/10/18 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated.