Donations & Other Money In

Take home message: If you are receiving money on behalf of
U-M, generating income on behalf of U-M, or involved in financial activity of any kind, you must ensure you are aware of the fiscal responsibilities and compliance obligations that attach to such activity – and that you understand and act in accordance with the limits of your delegated authority.

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Things to remember

  • If you have delegated financial authority, it is essential that you understand the scope and nature of your authority, and always act within that authority.
  • Any work that you or your Department do for an outside person or entity that generates income for U-M is likely to be considered “sponsored” work, and must be managed through the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) in conjunction with Sponsored Programs (within Financial Operations). For more information, see Grants & Sponsored Research.
  • Any donations to U-M for which a gift receipt is to be issued must be processed through the Development Office, to ensure compliance with tax laws and other requirements – this is the case regardless of the size, type, or purpose of the donation, and regardless of which part of U-M it is being offered to (including all schools, units and the Health System). Talk to the development staff within your school or unit or in the U-M Health System, or contact the central U-M Development Office for assistance or more information.
  • “Donations” come in forms other than money – such as in-kind or other non-monetary contributions. If you are in doubt about whether something ought to be reported as a source of income or donation, contact the Development Office or the Tax Department.

People to talk to

For questions about gifts or donations to U-M, talk to the development staff within your school or unit, or the development staff within the U-M Health System, or the central U-M Development Office.

For questions about sponsored work, talk to the Sponsored Programs Office (if your question is financial in nature) or the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) (if your questions is non-financial). You could also talk to the Research Administrator within your area, who you can find by searching for your school or unit in the ORSP Blue Pages.

For compliance questions related to the UM Health System, including hospital billings, contact the U-M Health System Compliance Office.

For legal advice or assistance you can contact one of the following people within the Office of the General Counsel – if your query relates to donations, contact Donna Snyder; if your query relates to sponsored work, contact Maya Kobersy; if your query is hospital related, contact Kara Morgenstern.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 3/7/17 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated