Report a concern

The University of Michigan is committed to providing an environment where individuals feel comfortable raising and discussing compliance problems, no matter how big or small – and where they can safely and confidentially come forward to identify instances of fraud or other serious concerns. You should never experience harassment or retribution if you act responsibly and report what you believe to be a legitimate concern or a violation that will cause damage to the institution – and if you do experience retaliation, you should tell someone. Remember, even minor issues are worth discussing – only through open discussion can we improve our way of doing things and ensure we meet our compliance obligations.

For emergency situations and possible criminal behavior

If you require immediate emergency assistance, or believe a crime is in progress, CALL 9‑1‑1 to connect you to the police.

For a non-emergency situation that relates to suspected criminal activity, including suspected cases of abuse or other circumstances where you find yourself either a victim or a witness to questionable activity, call the Department of Public Safety at 734-763-1131. Information on potential criminal activity also may be reported anonymously by calling the University’s Anonymous Tip Line at 1-800-863-1355.

For routine compliance concerns

You should first contact your supervisor or unit manager. They need to know about issues that arise in the area under their management, and will be in the best position to help you resolve concerns at a local level.

If you don’t feel comfortable raising a concern with your supervisor or manager (or if your concern relates to them, or if you have previously told them but the concern has not been remedied), there are several ways you can report your concern:

  1. Report the issue to your supervisor/manager’s direct manager.
  2. Report the issue through the U-M Compliance Hotline (which allows you to report an issue anonymously if you wish) by calling 1-866-990-0111 or submitting an online report regarding financial, regulatory, NCAA, substance abuse and patient safety issues.
  3. Report the issue through one of the specialized reporting mechanisms at U-M.
  4. Discuss your concern with one of the mediation services available at U-M, such as Mediation Services for Faculty and Staff or the University Faculty Ombudsman.
  5. Report the issue to one of the compliance specialists who work in the area relevant to your concern – you can find them on each page of our Compliance Topics library under the heading “People to talk to”.
  6. If you are not sure how to report a concern, or are not even sure if a concern is worth reporting, you may discuss it with the Compliance Coordinator, who can offer guidance as to the most appropriate reporting mechanism.

Remember, even minor concerns are worth discussing – only through open discussion can we improve our way of doing things and ensure we meet our compliance obligations.

Specialized reporting mechanisms at U-M

For discrimination or harassment concerns – call Office of Institutional Equity at (734) 763-0235.

For student sexual misconduct concerns – to access confidential assistance, students may contact a confidential reporting location. For non-confidential reports, students may contact the Office for Institutional Equity.

For hate crimes or bias incidents – follow the directions on the Expect Respect website: contact the Office of Institutional Equity (for staff) or Dean of Student Services (for students) by calling (734) 615-BIAS (2427), or submitting an online report.

For concerns related to patient care, clinical services or other U-M Health System issues – contact the UMHS Compliance Office [if you are outside the U-M network, go to their external page] by calling (734) 615-4400 or emailing them.

For athletics compliance concerns – contact the Compliance Services Office within the Athletics Department at (734) 615-7341. For UM-Dearborn, call the Athletics Office on (313) 593-5070.

For concerns or problems involving human subjects research contact the Institutional Review Board with jurisdiction over the relevant research protocol.

For concerns about the humane care and use of laboratory animals at U-M – call the Animal Concern Hotline at (734) 763-8028 or submit a report online (which may be anonymous).

For environment, health or safety concerns – call Environment, Health and Safety on (734) 647-1143, unless the concern relates to an emergency and requires immediate attention, in which case call 911. For UM-Flint, call the Environment, Health and Safety Department on (810) 766-6763. For UM-Dearborn, call the Department of Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management on (313) 593-4914.

To report a suspected copyright infringement on a U-M website – contact the University’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act agent.

To report alleged abuses of U-M’s computing resources or breaches of IT policy – contact the University’s IT User Advocate.

To report IT security breaches – follow the process set out by Information Technology Services.

If you are a student – you can contact the Office of the Ombuds in Ann Arbor or the UM-Dearborn Ombuds Services or UM-Flint Office of the Ombuds to talk about your concerns.

For student sexual misconduct – you can contact The Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) which serves as the entry point for those who report sexual misconduct involving students. OIE works closely with the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR), the Dean of Students, and other offices to ensure that interim steps, if appropriate, are taken to address reported concerns.

For other compliance concerns – you can use the U-M Compliance Hotline (which allows you to report an issue anonymously if you wish) by calling 1-866-990-0111 or submitting an online report.

For external complainants

If you are from outside the University and wish to report a concern, use the U-M Compliance Hotline by calling 1-866-990-0111 or submitting an online report.

If you encounter a problem with your web submission, your web browser may be out of date; therefore, please use the telephone number to report your concern.

Additional information: whistleblower protection

Those who submit good faith reports or inquiries are entitled to be treated in accordance with whistleblower protection laws. For more information, see:

State of Michigan: Whistleblowers’ Protection Act Information

State of Michigan Law/Statutes: Whistleblowers’ Protection Act

For the U-M Health Service: Health Facility Whistleblower Protection Act

Established 3/4/11, last reviewed 7/10/18 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated