Please download and print the posters below to promote the Ethics, Integrity & Compliance website as a useful resource for the entire campus community.

Printable Posters

Website Badge

Below are “Learn More About U-M Compliance” badges that link directly to the Ethics, Integrity & Compliance website. We encourage you to include them in the footer of all relevant compliance-related websites and web pages. If any of your sites or pages currently feature a “Compliance Resource Center” badge or button, please REPLACE it with one of these new badges.

Badge on a light background

Copy and paste the HTML and CSS snippet into your site’s markup and stylesheet.

Direct link to the badge’s CodePen »

See the Pen Compliance-button–lt-bg by Charles (@charbot) on CodePen.

Badge on a dark background

For footers on dark backgrounds, this badge’s contrasting color works best.

Direct link to the badge’s CodePen »

See the Pen Compliance-button–dk-bg by Charles (@charbot) on CodePen.

Badges as images

In case you have limited access to your site’s code.

Download the badges as PNG files »