A major long term goal of the U-M Comprehensive Compliance Initiative is to raise general awareness about compliance, to empower staff and faculty to understand better how and when compliance intersects with their day-to-day work in the University.

This Compliance Resource Center was developed specifically with that goal in mind. Because of the complex nature of the University’s work in so many areas, there are many compliance requirements that intersect with individual activities and roles in different ways. This website reflects that, by collating practical information about different compliance topics, and identifying contacts who can answer questions from the U-M community about compliance.

You can also find summaries about compliance based on your University role (e.g., faculty, staffresearcher, or supervisor – for others, visit our about page) – we recommend using these in orientation of new employees.

Help spread awareness of this site: click here to download a badge to link to the Compliance Resource Center on your web page, email us to request posters for your office, and share this one page overview of the site with your colleagues.

Compliance awareness training sessions

There is a lot of existing training around compliance, conducted by compliance specialists across U-M, including the following:

The Office of General Counsel is happy to provide general compliance awareness training sessions to any units or departments who would like them. Such sessions can introduce this Compliance Resource Center and give a big picture overview of compliance at U-M, tailored to the perspective and operations of your unit. We would encourage staff or faculty attending the sessions to come with scenarios or questions in mind that particularly relate to compliance in their work areas.

How to arrange a training session for your work area

Contact the Compliance Coordinator within the Office of General Counsel (call (734) 764-0304 or email), who can help coordinate a training session that is both convenient and relevant for your department or team.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 3/7/17 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated