U-M is held responsible for the actions of its coaches, athletes, staff, faculty, season ticket holders, donors and even its fans, when those actions relate to current or prospective student-athletes. This means that anyone with a connection to U-M athletics must make sure that they understand the strict rules that apply. That way, we can ensure compliance and give the Wolverines the best chance at success!

Responsibilities for athletics compliance

[See also Dearborn campus responsibilities]

  • All staff and faculty who interact with student-athletes (through coaching, teaching, academic support, housing or any other activities) are responsible for ensuring they understand and comply with the relevant rules.
  • Student-athletes are responsible for complying with all the rules that apply to them, to preserve their ongoing eligibility to represent U-M as an athlete.
  • The President has ultimate responsibility and final authority for the conduct of U-M’s intercollegiate athletics program, including U-M’s compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.
  • The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics has operational responsibility for compliance by U-M with rules and regulations related to intercollegiate athletics.
  • The Compliance Services Office within the Athletics Department is responsible for monitoring athletics compliance and educating the U-M community about athletics compliance. They should be your first port of call with any questions about athletics compliance.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 3/1/17- Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated