Student Rights and Responsibilities

Take home message: When students accept admission to the University, they accept the rights and responsibilities of membership in the University’s academic and social community – many of which are connected to legal obligations. Since upholding student rights and monitoring student responsibilities often requires positive action on the part of U-M staff and faculty, it is important for staff and faculty to be aware of the general rights and responsibilities of students – as well as the wide range of support services that students can be referred to when they are having difficulties.

U-M Policy and helpful links

Things to remember

  • It is important for all staff and faculty who interact with students to be aware of the rights and responsibilities that students have at U-M. Take the time to glance over the Statement [or Flint and Dearborn statements] on a regular basis.
  • When students are also employees, they are bound by all the same policies, procedures and requirements as any other employee, in respect of their employment. It is important to be aware of which role (student or employee) a student is performing at any given time, and to treat them appropriately.
  • A summary of the compliance obligations students need to be aware of is available on the “I am a student” compliance page.
  • Students can get a wide range of academic and personal support to help them with issues they are having while at U-M: see the Academic Support Services page, the mental health resources site for students, and the comprehensive A-Z of student services compiled on the University Health Service (UHS) site.

People to talk to

For faculty or staff with questions about student rights and responsibilities, including any potential violations or conflicts relating to student conduct – for the Ann Arbor campus, contact the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR); for UM-Dearborn, contact Amy Karaban in the Office of Student Sucess, or the UM-Dearborn Ombuds Services; and for UM-Flint, contact the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs or the UM-Flint Office of the Ombuds.

If you are a student who feels that a department is not treating you fairly, contact the Office of the Ombuds in Ann Arbor (or the UM-Dearborn Ombuds Services or the UM-Flint Office of the Ombuds), who are there to help answer any questions students have about problems they are having with the University. If you want legal advice about your rights and responsibilities, you can also contact Student Legal Services.

For U-M employees wanting legal advice or assistance relating to student rights, responsibilities or conduct, contact Cathy Pinkerton in the Office of the General Counsel.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 2/22/17 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated