Facilities & Infrastructure

With nearly 33.5 million square feet of building space and land holdings exceeding 21,000 acres, there are many laws relevant to U-M’s facilities and infrastructure – from laws that apply during building construction, to legally mandated standards for maintenance, safety, hygiene, access and egress, and requirements relating to the management of utilities (like water, electricity and gas) and waste. There are also legal requirements that impact our IT infrastructure; and obligations that U-M must follow as either landlord or tenant in its various leasing and hosting arrangements.

Responsibilities for infrastructure compliance

[See also Dearborn & Flint campus responsibilities]

  • All members of the U-M community (including faculty, staff, students and others such as visitors, volunteers and contractors) are responsible for using the University’s facilities and property in a safe, compliant, responsible and respectful manner.
  • The Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer is responsible for oversight of the finances, property and business of the University, which includes responsibility for ensuring that U-M is in compliance with laws and regulations related to its facilities and infrastructure. [Regents Bylaw 2.05]
  • Facilities and Operations have primary operational responsibility for stewardship and maintenance of all of U-M’s physical property, including compliance with associated laws and regulations.
  • Information and Technology Services (ITS) have primary operational responsibility for management of U-M’s information technology infrastructure, including compliance with associated legal requirements.
  • The Department of Public Safety helps maintain a safe and secure environment at U-M, through monitoring and enforcing criminal behavior against people and property.
  • The Environment, Health and Safety Department operationally supports compliance by U-M with laws related to environmental protection, and providing facilities that are safe and healthy.

Established 3/4/11, last updated 11/14/17 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated