Health Care

Providing patient care, conducting medical research and administering a large scale health system give rise to many legislative and regulatory compliance obligations. Due to its complexity, the U-M Health System (UMHS) it has its own a dedicated UMHS Compliance Office that oversees a full compliance program. However, there is considerable cross-over between UMHS and the wider U-M campus: for instance, Medical and Nursing School personnel perform both clinical and campus roles, and non-UMHS faculty, staff and students may interact with U-M’s clinical function through their research and study. This site is intended to help connect such people with the relevant requirements and experts.

Responsibilities for health care compliance

  • All faculty, staff, students, volunteers, scholars and trainees who work in any capacity in the UMHS (including as observers) are considered part of the UMHS workforce, and are responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant laws, and abiding by the UMHS Code of Conduct. This applies equally to U-M faculty, staff and students who normally work and study outside the UMHS, but who interact with the UMHS in the course of their research, work or study (even on a temporary visiting basis, and even if only as observers).
  • All faculty, staff, students, volunteers, scholars and trainees have a duty to report any known or suspected violation of the law or UMHS Code of Conduct by the UMHS workforce.
  • The Executive Vice-President for Medical Affairs is is the chief executive officer of the UMHS, and has ultimate responsibility for compliance by U-M with all laws and regulations related to the provision of health care. (Regents Bylaw 2.06)
  • The UMHS Compliance Office (viewable on U-M networks only; or see this external page) oversees compliance by UMHS with all laws and regulations related to its research, education and health care missions. The UMHS Compliance Committee has direct oversight responsibility for UMHS compliance activities and assists the UMHS in fulfilling its legal obligations.

For expert contacts in health care compliance, view these subpages or go directly to the UMHS Compliance Program site (for those outside U-M networks, view this external page).

If you are looking for assistance because a surveyor or regulator is at the UMHS: go directly to the UMHS Compliance surveyor/regulator site.

First published 3/4/11. Last updated 3/7/17 РContact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated