Environment, Health & Safety

Take home message: Our University is like a small city, and each of us at U-M is responsible for working safely, protecting the people and environment around us, and complying with government regulations and University policies. This includes reporting each and every safety incident or work-related injury sustained at U-M. It is crucial that everybody takes the time to learn what EHS requirements are relevant to their U-M role – and endeavors to comply with them.

U-M Policy and helpful links

Things to remember

  • Exactly what type of health and safety activities you are required to do will depend on your U-M role: for instance, people working in laboratories or in the field have different health and safety needs and obligations than people working in an office environment. Make sure you understand what EHS requirements are relevant to your precise U-M role or roles. If you are unsure, consult with your local Safety Coordinator or contact the EHS Department.
  • If you or a co-worker are involved in any kind of safety incident, or sustain any kind of injury or illness during the course of your work at U-M, it must be reported to the WorkConnections department. Call (734) 615-0643 or have your supervisor complete this online Illness or Injury Report Form (you can download the form to complete manually on this Forms page).
  • Many hazardous activities require compulsory training, and some require a permit or license, to be in compliance with health and safety laws. If you work with radiation, chemicals, biohazards, animals, lasers, nanomaterials, hazardous equipment, or a range of other things listed in this short EHS Survey for new researchers, you should talk to someone in EHS about any special requirements you may need to comply with.
  • Research can raise a host of safety and environmental issues that need to be planned for and managed appropriately. See EHS’ Research Safety pages and this¬†Survey for new researchers. There may also be other research related compliance obligations apart from safety concerns: see the Research Compliance Overview for more information.
  • The EHS Department is much more than an incident response team: they can help you proactively identify risk factors and guide you in how to make your work area safer. If you are wondering whether something you are planning is safe, or whether there is a better way to manage safety and risks in your work area, the EHS Department and your local Safety Coordinators can help.
  • Good ergonomics is a health and safety area that is relevant to everyone at U-M, whether you are working in the field, standing in front of a class of students, or sitting in front of a computer. Take a moment to review the EHS Department’s ergonomics resources, and the U-M ergonomics guideline. Ensuring you work ergonomically can help prevent a range of injuries and issues – whatever your work environment looks like.
  • U-M offers many health and well being services through its M-Healthy initiative, to promote wellness and health risk reduction for its employees and others.

People to talk to

Each U-M department with laboratory operations has a designated Safety Coordinator, appointed in accordance with EHS Guidelines, who acts as a safety liaison between their unit and the central EHS Department. Your local Safety Coordinator is a good first port of call for any questions about health, safety or environmental issues. Check your local intranet, ask your supervisor, or call the EHS Department on (734) 647-1143 to find out who your Safety Coordinator is.

If your department does not have a local Safety Coordinator, contact the EHS Department on (734) 647-1143

For the U-M Flint campus, your first port of call should be Michael Lane in the Environment, Health and Safety Department. You can also contact their office (see the right hand side of their main page for contact details).

For the U-M Dearborn campus, your first port of call should be Laura Drabcyk in the Department of Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management. You can also contact others listed on their contacts page.

If you have a query about workplace safety incidents, or an injury or illness that is work related or is affecting your work, on any of the U-M campuses, contact WorkConnections by calling (734) 615-0643 (or toll free (877) 869-5266), by emailing them, or by contacting one of their staff directly.

For experts in specific EHS topics – the EHS contacts page lists experts in each of the health, safety and and environmental areas that EHS covers. Their experts are available to help those at all U-M campuses, including with the interpretation of safety related legal requirements. If you’re not sure who to contact, review the options on the EHS contacts page (including email contacts) or call the EHS Department on their main line in (734) 647-1143.

For legal assistance or advice relating to public safety issues, contact David Grimm in the Office of the General Counsel.

First established 3/4/11, last updated 6/27/18 – Contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or outdated